Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Freedom + 1D World + Internship

So exams are officially over! And I'm done with Semester 1. Time sure pass fasssst.
Can't wait to play/ rest all I can and also start finding job because I need money! Today's paper was alright, better than I thought it would be. Lunch at some Thai food place with Chelsi, Jiaqi, Jasmine, Shuxuan, Camille, Jing yi, Xiao yun, Saf and Jia Sheng. Head to The Cathay after lunch for 'Internship' and decided to drop by (and bought the cups) at 1D World to see how it's like. And I can't stop singing and humming their songs! Got up to the cinemas and decided to take photos with the incredible 5 lads. Incredible. I just wish one day, it'll be them, like real human being you know? 

Anyway! Internship was amazing! Dylan O'brien is such a hottie like he doesn't even need to try. Such a funny film, love it. Learned something from it too. Home sweet home after that! 
 And that's all for today, pictures! xoxo