Thursday, May 1, 2014

18th celebrations
(22nd, 23rd, 26th, 27th)

I apologized but I've been too lazy to blog so here's the combination of all the birthday celebrations I had with my favourite girls, bitches, wild child and dancer! x

Had an amazing celebration with the girls on my birthday. I was super tired due to the lack of sleep for the past few days and my brain was literally half functioning but I had a really great time! &&& I have no idea how but the girls actually got me the things I've wanted for agessss even though I've never mentioned them to them before! Alexa Chung's it and top with prints that I've been obsessed with (Parental Advisory's logo). Love you girls. & Thank you for everything! :*

On Wednesday, after school, the bitches and I went for steamboat and xlb buffet at Holland Village's Crystal Jade, it was so so goood and I finally satisfied my xlb cravings! They surprised me with the presents they got me, which includes that Chelsi's present that I thought I lost! Thank you guysssss, I really love the leather jacket and thank you loser phua and jasmine for your letters toooooooo. xoxoxoxo

Met up with Nelle on Saturday to just catch up, have lunch and stuff. Simple but effective, had an amazing time! Thanks for the present, I love it! xoxo
And I finally met up with Xinyu on Sunday, went NEX for lunch and Magnum DIY which is delicioussssss!! Had a great chat about random shits which is really great since we've not met up for quite a long time! :*

I'm a blessed girlllllllllllll, thanks for the presents girllsssss I love them! And all the wishes and letter, I really really really love and appreciate them. Love youuuuuuuu(s)! :* xx

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