Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens.

Okay, so I always have this weird habit of searching celebrities' height and weight, and after searching plenty and plenty of celebrities' height and weight, the celebrity with the height and weight closest to mine will probably have to be Vanessa Hudgens. She's said to be 5ft1 (155cm), which I don't believe that it's accurate so I'm just gonna say that she's around 155 - 163cm. Also, her weight is said to be around 50-56 kg (she's definitely not 54-56kg). You'll never know her real height and weight but we'll just gonna use these for now. So yea, it's around mine!

So firstly, happy thoughts:
The height difference between her and Austin Butler (who's said to be 183cm/ 6ft tall) is really cute, and I love guys who are around 6 ft tall. Hence, it's great knowing that I won't look really short beside them because I've heard that if you're 5ft3 and you're standing next to someone 6ft tall, you'll look like a midget or whatever beside them.

Now here comes the sad thoughts:
I might have a somehow similar height and weight as Vanessa Hudgens but trust me when I say that I never looked as good in my clothes as she does in hers. Also, trust me when I say that my tummy looks nothing like her abs. & then there's also my thighs.. WHY?!! Maybe I should start working out now... x

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