Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vampire Academy + Buffet

Had an amazing time on Friday. Finally met up with Jannelle after not meeting each other for like 2 months thanks to projects and semester test. Thank god all's over. Anyway, went Lido to catch Vampire Academy and it was great! Also, I just realised that the actress who acted as Rose is actually dating Avan Jogia. New OTP! After that we went and walked around Orchard, Far East and then end up at the Kinokuniya at Takashimaya.  

After that, I took train all the way to Holland for Steamboat and Xiao Long Bao buffet dinner with Shu Xuan and Jasmine Chong! It was supposed to be 7pm- 9pm but there wasn't any place left because we were too late so we decided to go for the 10pm- 12am one because we have been craving for ages! While waiting for time to pass, we played 3-man bridge and the place where we sat was horrible because everyone is smoking around there but there's no other place to go. )-: x

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