Thursday, March 6, 2014

Short Update

Sorry for not posting for days, just a short update about how I'm finally done with J Model Management and J Spring Fashion Show. Apparently, we're not allowed to post anything or whatever til the 8th/ 9th so, yea! It's nothing fantastic, only tiring and our 20+  pieces of mc nuggets and 1/2 burgers were being asked to be thrown away, I'm still really mad and annoyed right now. Never had a proper meals for last few days til the event ended so yea goodbye suckerssss, I'm done with you. Look out for my ranting post and backstage photos of J Spring Fashion Show. I'll probably add some front stage photo too if I see any. It was amazing working with a few of them like Furnella, the SP-ians that went, Sunita, etc. Now I can finally rest before maybe finding a proper job before school starts!

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