Friday, February 14, 2014

Friendship like these, I'll never stop trying.

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. So, Valentine's Day is a day where people show their appreciation for people they love and adore. Hence, here I am blogging on a Valentine's Day to show my appreciation for my beloved friends. xx

These six girls are more or less what I go school for. Polytechnic is different, very different, and sometimes I just dread to go school so much that 80% of the time I just wanna stay home and escape from everything because I've never had these much workload etc, but having them + hanging with them and such just makes me so much happier. They've changed my views about stuff and are probably one of those I can be more or less myself with. Well, it's not always rainbows and butterflies and there'e definitely times where the negative thoughts kicks in but yea, they're pretty much my happy pills and I'm so so so thankful for them. 

After knowing them so much more these few weeks/ maybe even months, I realised how similar yet different we are lol. Let's not forget that they're pretty much the people I can play Bridge with, fangirl-ed and insult some artists that aren't my type with, talking about random stuff and gossip with and etc. Another group of peeps whom I can be more of myself with which is really cool. They're also the ones, especially shu xuan, the shortest one, I can just talk to them and stuff without feeling awkward. 

My best friend. The best-est of the many friends. The Bimbo. The Idiot. I don't think I've anything to say about her but, sigh, what would I do without you? She's that bitch that keeps making me regret not going to Temasek Polytechnic every single time. “It’s exciting when you find parts of yourself in someone else.”  Annaka Silvia once or twice or god knows how many times said. That's her. She's one of those I can find part of myself in. We're actually quite different yet quite similar at the same time and I can't have a better best friend.

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