Friday, January 10, 2014

Short Update

Hello everybody!
2014 has been really boring for me. Home-based learning/ E-learning week this week and I've only started my assignments yesterday, wish me luck. Going for SP Open House later just to see Saf Hiphop dance performance! For all Sec 4 students waiting for their results to be out on Monday or any students who are thinking of which Polytechnic to go, which course to take later this year, do go for SP's Open House to see all the different courses and CCAs! You still have today and tomorrow so yeap! There are amazing games and performances, free pop corns and candy floss, and whatever. 

 Anyway, do follow me on Polyvore and Tumblr! I'm definitely a lot more active on Tumblr compared to Blogger and also for Polyvore I've 'created' plenty of outfits so go check them out! Yay! Thanks. x

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