Thursday, December 12, 2013

Outfit to meet Nelle tomorrow

Untitled #99

Untitled #99 by chewhuiting featuring a velvet trousers

Hello everybody! Before I start I just wanna say that the items that I have and the items that are used in this outfit or the other #ootd outfits on polyvore are not the same, they are just similars. I definitely could not afford the effie bag in the picture! So anyway, I was trying to come up with outfits just so I could wear the 'coat' I bought from Cotton On which is definitely one of my worst buys because even though it's really nice, it makes me look fat and weird so I've never worn it out. So, in order not to waste the money I spent on the coat, I'll be wearing the outfit above tomorrow hoping that I'll look normal instead of looking like a weirdo. x

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