Thursday, December 26, 2013


Lots of amazing things definitely happened in 2013 but the bad days comes so much more often this year too. Ever since Poly has started, these bad days just keeps coming and it's horrible. Bad days includes self esteem problems like feeling ugly, fat, not fashionable enough for school, not useful enough for tutorials, not clever enough, you name it. They come too frequently which makes me just wanna bury myself into Wattpad, Tumblr and Polyvore and just not talk to anybody because everyone just makes these bad days so much worse. This year has definitely been one of the best years but this year is also the year I feel the most useless. I mean for god sake, I can't even cook or even paint my own nails and seeing every single girl around me (which has been increase so much since I join poly - class with only 2 boys) being able to do all those or so so many things that's so much more complicated just suck. There's always something everyone is good at (piano, singing, acting, dancing, photoshop, leading, fashion, presenting, etc) and then there's me. Fuck this. 

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