Sunday, November 24, 2013

X Factor UK Live Shows Week 7

Sam Bailey. There's no song that Sam Bailey couldn't sing. She has such such amazing vocals and this performance is such an in-your-face performance for those who says that she couldn't sing, that she's too old to be still in the competition and that she won't be able to sell records. Again, she did not fail to wow me with the performance just like how she did for the previous few. Amazing. I love her and her performances so much.

Amazing performance by Luke Friend. He performed 1975's version of What Makes You Beautiful which is just amazing and just as amazing as 1975 which proves how amazing it is! Alright, enough of the "amazing" I just love this performance of his so much.

Nicholas McDonald also has one of the best vocal this year on X Factor UK, together with Sam Bailey. I can actually see both of them in the finals. He's actually really really good for many of his performances to be honest, but he seldom sings songs that I know so I rarely listen to his performances.


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