Friday, November 8, 2013

What I've been up to this week.

So these 5 days have been Home-based Learning (HBL) week for me because my amazing school just decided to give this whole home-based learning thing a try so yea. Have been doing lots of tutorials and slides lately and it has been successful I guess but I definitely would have preferred a normal school week because it seems a lot more busy this week than normal school week. 

So like what I've blogged a few days ago, I went to TP to find Nelle since I don't have to go to school and attended her lecture with her and whatever we did or I did that was being blogged the other day.

Tuesday/ Wednesday:
Tuesday and Wednesday are my laze at home day plus doing all the work that I have to do. Was really really sick and had massive headaches for like nearly 24/2 for those days which makes me feel like removing my head and throat for those 2 days. 

Went back to school for Events Experience to video down the games that were chosen as part of the video that had to be submitted today for HBL assignment. Wasn't in best of mood yesterday, neither have I totally recovered from the flu and cough that I've had. Gave up after the group left and decided to work on Marketing and AVS instead to clear it off first. After that we ( Shu Xuan, Jia Sheng and me) went to Morganfield's for dinner. The ribs will so good and feeling. It was one of the most satisfying dinner I've had in months.  Also, Shu xuan passed me the 'The Key' fragrance which she help me to get at the airport because it's cheaper there.

Went to Shu Xuan house this morning to complete Marketing and also the remaining of Events Experience. Completed Marketing before watching Wolverine while having our lunch and then afterwards we started on Events Experience.Had a great laugh when we're filming our video for the last game. After getting everything done, we rest for a lil while before I gotta leave. 

Til next time! x

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