Monday, November 18, 2013

Short rant.

Whatever happen to signing artist that can actually sing instead of just artist who apparently has the whole package aka looks, styles and well, voice. Remember Susan Boyle? I thought her auditions was an unforgettable one because it teaches you not to judge people by their looks or whatever. I'm actually really shock reading how Simon Cowell is pissed that Sam Bailey's said to win this competition instead of Tamera. Yea sure, she can sing but Sam Bailey has no doubt, one of the best voice for this year's X Factor UK. Also, not only saying this will stir up drama which is probably what you want so people will watch the X Factor UK, but don't you ever wonder if whatever you say will affect her emotion, if she'll be hurt and how it'll affect her performance next week? I don't get it. I really don't. I really hope whatever the papers/ sites says ain't true because I'll be so pissed and disappointed. I thought you love talents, not just people who can actually sell records cause they have better style/ looks/ are young. If that's what you want now then she's better off with The Voice instead of X Factor. x


  1. I liked reading your post, I don't like how they do that either because theirs people with amazing voices :/