Friday, November 15, 2013


L-R: Annisaa | Chelsi | Hui Ling | Safwanah | Melissa | Xiao Yun | Me

Hey guys, so this week has been a really busy busy one for me. With lots of presentations, tutorials, slides to complete, etc. However, I had lots of fun this week too! Celebrated Safwanah's belated birthday on Monday since her birthday was during home-based learning and everyone was busy. 

 No doubt I have the best group of friends (the people above + Shu Xuan, Jasmine Chong and Jia Sheng) but I can't help but wish that I'm at Temasek Polytechnic instead. I wonder what will happen if I were to let myself choose TP instead of SP. I wonder if I would be happier or less happy. Going to Temasek Polytechnic would mean that I could spend more time with Nelle because we will be in the same school. but there are also many reasons why I decide to choose SP instead. However, lately, I've been feeling like I've made the wrong choice to come to SP. 

Assignments that I, an events student, got to do. I thought that I'm an events student, not an architecture student. Oh well, til next time! x

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