Saturday, November 30, 2013

Midnight Memories

Finally the wait is over, Midnight Memories has been released worldwide on the 25th of November! Even though the album has been leaked a week ago, it's still #1 on the iTunes chart in 91 countries on the 25th. It is also set to score the fastest selling album of 2013, so proud of the boys. I managed to get it the day after it was released and after importing it to my iTunes and listened to every single song, I'm in love with the album. Some of my favourites are You and I, Midnight Memories, Strong, Happily and Half a Heart. The album is really different compared to Up All Night and Take Me Home, but it definitely did not disappoint me. Definitely an album worth buying, but then again I'm a fan of theirs so... but seriously, you guys should go get it. It's really good. x

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