Friday, October 11, 2013

Bangkok Last Day

"I always knew I never wanted this. I never thought it could happen. You acted like you wanted this but then you led me on." - Miley Cyrus (Drive)

Day 4 was my last day there, it was sad because I couldn't get to eat the street foods because they only open in the evening and we left for the airport in the evening so... Had our breakfast before heading to the mall beside our hotel (Berkeley Hotel) as my parents wanted to go for their massages while I go get my nails done while waiting for them. I honestly can't get manicures done because I always ruined them in less than 5 minutes after they're done!

#fromwhereIstand shot 4: My hotel room before heading to the mall beside our hotel
Top: Cotton On | Shorts: KissJane | Sandals: Cotton On

After that we head back to the hotel before going to the famous (I guess) chicken rice shop for lunch, the chicken rice was great! After that we head to platinum since we still have time before returning to the hotel to meet the tour guide and get ready for our flight.

How is possible that my parents and my brother look good in candid shots, but then I look so fugly (freaking-ugly) when someone took a candid shot of me... Maybe I'm adopted. 

The flight back to Singapore was so good because the food was amazing and my seat's tv works perfectly fine. Also, I get to finish watching the first movie of Percy Jackson. x


  1. loved this post- so want to go back to bangkok- I miss it soooo much!

  2. Great post :) loved the pictures.
    wanna follow each other?

    1. Thank you! :-) And sure, great blog btw!

    2. thanks love :) followed back

  3. Pretty nails!

    xo Jennifer