Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rants, Melanie McCabe, Miley Cyrus

One of the many things that I can't stand is when people say that I love a particular artist/ style/ music/ shows because my favourite artist love it/ him/ her. Because that is not true, at all. I don't like the particular artist/ style/ music/ shows because of them. I found out about them through my favourite artist because they tweet about it, talk about it, seen with it/ wear it. I don't actually have to like them, but I do. And also, there are plenty of things that they like that I don't. So just shut up.

Anyway guys, my current favourite UK X Factor contestant just followed me!! Can I get a hell yeah? Yeap. Can't wait to watch her performance for boot camp, and I really think she'll finally succeed this year after trying for the fourth time. I mean she got an amazing voice, and she's gorgeous. It's like the whole package!

Lastly, I really love this song. Didn't wanna watch it yesterday because of the 24 hours record shit, but I'm actually not surprise that she managed she break it. I mean she's Miley, and a record is there for people to break it, so... yea. This is one of her songs which I get, and whether you like her or not, like her songs or not, you gotta admit she's a a genius. I don't know Miley so I don't know what she's thinking. But the nudity actually makes people talk about the video, which causes more people to watch it and she gained more views from it.

I think she actually knows what she's doing, ever since I saw this article of her talking about her VMA performance. And no matter what she's the one breaking records, she's the one earning money from it. So for those who are bitching about her online, the joke's on you. You gave her free publicity, you're the one helping her to gain views and earn money from them. She gained from your hates online, but what do you actually gain?

I won't say whatever she do is right, etc, cause she do have fans who are still young but honestly, it's her life.  People might not like it, but seriously it's her life/ body/ music video, she really can do what she wants to. And her songs 'We can't stop' and 'Wrecking Ball' are really really nice.x

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