Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lazy Sunday + Louis soccer match + Danielle Peazer

 Currently waiting for Louis charity soccer match to start. Not a fan of soccer matches because it's always draggy and sometimes even after 90 minutes no one might even score, but it's Louis match and the timing is perfect for me so why not? I know Louis has played a charity soccer match before but I didn't watch it so this would be the first match of his that I watch, excited! I've never really watched soccer matches on my own before so... Hope it won't bore me too much and that I won't go deaf after all the screams. 

Lazy Sunday today was amazing. And I think I took it to a whole new level. Like I used to just laze around the house, from laptop to tv to nap time to phone, but at least I move around the house. Today, apart from going to the toilet and to eat or shower, I spent my entire day in bed. It's reading City of Bones, listening to 91.3, reading again, using twitter on phone, using my laptop or napping. Shall enjoy all these lazy days while I could before school starts, even though it's still quite long. But time flies, so...

So, Danielle Peazer got her own blog now, well she share it with one of her friend but still, it's amazing because since she's not dating Liam anymore, there hasn't been many pictures of her around so now that she got her own blog, there will still be pictures of her and she would also be blogging, sometimes, about her life so it's actually pretty great? Also, she looks absolutely stunning with that amazingly pretty dress that she wore to her friend's wedding. Pictures:

 (Pictures from Danielle's blog:

Isn't she just gorgeousssss!!! Alright, so I think the match is starting soon like in less than 5 minutes so I should start finding livestreams to watch the match now, goodbye! 


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