Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just Can't Let You Go ft. TFiOS

Apparently 'Just Can't Let You Go' is 1D's song that was leaked yesterday (which is supposed to be out in december). Anyway, I'm always the kind of person that don't like listening to leaked songs, because I will always feel so so guilty after listening to it but I can't help it because everyone was tweeting about it, and saying how catchy and amazing it is so... I went to listen to it and fuck, it's catchy as hell! It's stuck in my head since yesterday. I can't stop listening to it and I'm feeling really guilty now. But it's like, I can't stop listening to it so, fuck it. I mean I'll be buying their album anyway so... & If every song in the album is as good as this, then wow. 

Anyway I can't help but feel so accomplished yesterday. Not because I studied a lot but it's because I finally decided to read the last part of The Fault in Our Stars. I knew the last part is the part that is super depressing so I didn't dare to read it. So anyway, I read it yesterday and fuck, it makes this book the saddest one I've ever read. And it's worth me sacrificing one of my study slot. 

I can't seem to set my priority straight though. I really need to focus on studying now, till Semester Exam's over. And oh my gosh, Teen choice award tomorrow and voting is now closed. Yeeeep! Excited! Alright bye!